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  • Looking to reach a vast audience of young entrepreneurs, online marketers, bloggers, Students and almost everyone you can think of on a national News portal?

There are the different ways in which your business can benefit from Legend’s influence.

We offer our clients a range of advertising solutions at all the prominent position that are sure to attract immediate attention.

Here you would find details and specifications on all ad units present on the Legend News  group sites.



Inner Page
S.No. Page Name Advertisement TypeAdvertisement SizePrice/Month
1.Photo GalleryRight Banner300 x 35015,000/Month
2 Home PageRight Bottom Banneradjustableadjustable
3.Inner PageFooter Banner400 x 60 5,000/Month
4 Inner PageMiddle Banner300 x 25010,000/Month
5 Inner PageTop Banner400 x 60 20,000/Month
6.Home Middle Banner 2Rectangle 400 x 10010,000/Month
7.Home Middle Banner 1Rectangle 400 x 100 10,000/Month
8 Home Right Banner 2 Medium Rectangle300 x 250 18,000/month
9 Home Right Banner 1 Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 20,000/Month
10. Slider adjustable 5,000/Month
11Home Page Slider adjustable 15,000/Month
12Inner Page Pop Under 300 x 300 10,000/Month
13Home Page Pop Under 300 X 300 15,000/Month
14All pages Footer 400 x 60 10,000/Month
15 All pages Top Header 400 x 60 25,000/month


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