Love U Zindagi: touching life…key to live a healthy life

Deer knows what it has to eat, Tiger knows what to eat but we humans even after 200000 year of existence are unsure what to eat and what not to eat. We constantly ask our doctors, dieticians, nutritionist what to eat and what not. Magazines, news channels and social media is full of articles providing knowledge what to eat and what not. During Covid days these articles and posts made so much noise that it started hurting the ears.

By Mukul Sharma
        Mukul Sharma  

All the animals, except pet animals, normally live a healthy life whereas we humans survive on medicines after certain age, commonly known as life style diseases. If we look back the ages we find that our ancestors lived healthy life and not accustomed to regular medications. Our parents were healthier than us, our grandparents were healthier than our parents and so on.

The industrialisation and consumerism constantly worked as catalyst in changing our life style, our food habits and even our mind set. We used to live a simple life, used to physical activities like walking to the fields or other place of work, used to plough fields with bull & plough, ladies grinding wheat using manual chakkies, drawing water from wells and so on. Apart from physical labour used to eat simple food grown in nearby areas which was access to them. With the industrialisation and technological advancement, no doubt our life became easier but also changed our life style, now hard work paved way to comfort and cosy life. Big corporates constantly promoted consumerism and their products through advertisements and surrogate marketing. These corporates are not going to benefit from publishing that walking and running would keep you healthy, rather they would preach that only treadmill and cross trainer would keep you healthy. They would not say that the balanced food which we are eating from the times of Maharana Pratap, who used to wear 72 kgs armour, carries 80 kg spear, is sufficient enough to fulfil the protein requirement  of the body for lifting 20- 30 kg weights in gym rather they promote protein supplements. These are only few examples whereas they have dominated every activity of our life and in bargain took away the simplicity of life.

All the vegetation grow according to the environment, climate and need of the habitants residing in that region. Why watermelon and mango grow in regions near equator in hot summers, why tea grow in hilly and cold regions? As the world came closer due to communication, transportation and interactions the food habits and life style intermingled with each other causing complications in our health, as consequence big corporates profit became more fatter by making the masses fatter. The manufactured food packed in packets having 6 months expiry loaded with sugar, salt and calories captured the homemade fresh food.The excess consumption of fast food and packaged food leads to weight gain and emergence of life style diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and others which again is market for fitness industry like gyms, fitness equipment, supplements, diagnostic centres, medicines and lifelong consultation on  what to eat and what not.

The key to live a healthy life is to go back to our basics and ancestors.

On this occasion I remember a dialogue from movie “Anand” Zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi. But by adopting simple lifestyle we can make our life badi bhi and lambi bhi.

By Mukul Sharma


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